At Lonsdale St Auto Electrics we use Jaltest software.

Whenever you purchase Jaltest from Burson’s, Lonsdale Street Auto Electrics provides technical support and training for the Jaltest diagnostic system in Australia. You can buy with confidence knowing that technical support and back up is supplied a user of Jaltest with 10 years of workshop experience.

Jaltest software is the most complete and intuitive diagnostic software in the market:

  • Configurable workshop management program.
  • Thousands of makes and models available
  • Information about cables and connectors.
  • Effective diagnosis connector location.
  • Vehicle technical specification library
  • Fast implementation of new systems.
  • Installable in PCs and other laptops.
  • 25 different languages
  • Sender specifications
  • Workshop orientated.
  • Guided diagnostics.
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Made in Europe

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