Pedal Interface 2

We can supply and fit the latest Pedal Interface II technology from VDO

Cruise control speed limiter. Control your engine speed and RPM for travel towers, cherry pickers, pressure cleaners. Flexibility and functionality.

This system consists of an electronic control device which is installed between the pedal unit or pedal value sensor and the engine control unit. It influences engine management by electronically modifying the position signal received from the pedal unit.

Pedal Interface II is available in three different versions which offer different functions: STANDARD, ENHANCED and PREMIUM.

Flexible Solutions for Growing Demands

On today's roads there are many compelling reasons to enhance vehicles and optimal engine management. These include the rising volume of traffic, higher accident rates (particularly for light commercial vehicles) and greater pressure on both drivers and vehicles, as well as environmental concerns, tough competition and new legislation. However, it's also vital to find inexpensive yet effective ways of meeting these changing requirements.

The VDO brand is synonymous with customized solutions that handle sophisticated technical tasks while fulfilling customer requirements and offering maximum ease of operation. Special modules and components such as Pedal Interface II from VDO help meet these increasing demands in terms of safety, protecting the environment and cost-effectiveness. For many years now VDO has been a reliable partner in the field of vehicle electronics for manufacturers, workshops and end customers alike.

High Performing and Versatile

VDO RSL II System represents an advance version of the proven VDO RSL system. The electronic regulator of the second generation incorporates digital technology permitting the limit or set speed to be encoded into the regulator preventing a maximum legal speed or a desired road speed from being exceeded.

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